What is Reflexology?

      Reflexology is the study of reflexes. It is a natural therapy derived from the principle that there are reflexes in the body that map to other parts, glands, and organs of the body. Therapeutic effect occurs through the application of pressure on these reflexes.

What are the Benefits?

       Reflexology treatments can:

  • Increase circulation
  • Encourage tension relief
  • Aids homeostasis (a beneficial state in which the body naturally rests and repairs)
  • Supports the body’s efforts to function optimally
  • Decrease pain and increase mobility
  • A positive addition to your health and wellness strategy

What to Expect From Treatments?

       Foot reflexology is a non-intrusive treatment (clothes on), performed with the client seated in a portable zero gravity chair. Treatments involve site specific application of hand pressure to the feet. The feet are gently prepared using witch hazel or an epsom salt foot soak. Each foot will then be massaged using a specific hand pressure technique. Oil or cream is applied at end of treatment. Expect to settle in and enjoy a supportive, relaxing experience.


     Foot Reflexologoly should not be considered in the following situations:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Infections of the foot or contagious illness
  • Severe oedema or vascular disease
  • High risk or early pregnancy or history of miscarriage
  • Foot trauma (injury, wound, infection, broken bones) where pressure would further harm

       Consult your physician if currently have or have recently had any serious health condition. It is advised that people with diabetes check their sugar levels before and after reflexology.



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